Urban planning, architecture and civil engineering

Civil Engineering
Market demands, major smart city projects, infrastructure and transport renewal mean digital maturity. The workforce is being challenged to increasingly absorb the push digitalization that is involving their sector. Today, the demand for smart materials, smart electrical grids, smart buildings with built-in sensors, and other revolutionary technologies drive civil engineers and architects to innovate by making sustainable projects that look to the future. Smart technologies are constantly transforming cities.

Sustainable architectural design is the key to reading every activity in the civil and commercial construction sector. It now enjoys a lot of support from transnational governmental agencies and even sovereign governments.

One of the key areas of focus is self-sufficient construction, not only from an energy point of view (double skin facade and integrated photovoltaic panels), but also for the water and waste cycle. In addition, extensive use of recyclable materials in order to develop a sustainable architecture, always keeping in mind the environmental impact.

The living environment becomes intelligent not only thanks to digitization and automation, but also for the arrangement of spaces, designed in such a way that it can be changed and adapted to changing needs.

Urban Planning
The need for new modern living and working spaces needs to be met with new responses to the demands and concerns arising from the growth of the world’s population. The approach to urban planning and the intelligent use of space in homes has changed and must help reduce congestion in cities, pave the way for sustainable urban development and thus have a positive impact on residents. The job is not done until you have contented citizens, which means inspiring well-being to the inhabitants, taking care of them and providing a sense of mutual inclusion.

At Albelissa, we are very clear about the changes taking place and how to find the new roles of the different sectors; for years we have been supporting our customers both in design and in finding those figures able to transform civil engineering, architecture and urban planning towards a sustainable and radiant future.


Reference profiles

  • Energy Engineer
  • Thermotechnical designer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Surveyor
  • Architect
  • Junior Building Manager