Technical recruiting with industry experts

We are an engineering and computer science company and we are well aware of the problems and needs of technical projects in the Hi Tech, Informatics, Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Industrial Plants and Machinery, Consumer Goods, Oil & Gas, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning sectors. By entrusting yourself to us, you can find the specialized resources suitable for the development of innovative products and services and thus position yourself competitively on the market.

It is not always clear to a company what resources are needed to succeed with a project. Thanks to our industry expertise we can help you understand which profiles and knowledge can ensure its success. Our team offers technical recruiting advice and is dedicated to identifying together with the client company the real skills, roles, experience, software/hardware knowledge and versions to be included in the job description.


A complete recruiting service to guarantee you the best technical candidate.

The human resources business area creates a first job description for the sought-after role in which it inserts skills and experiences required for the position.

Our team of engineers and IT works together with the manager of the client company to understand the actual needs and to further detail the technical skills required.

After screening and identifying suitable candidates we schedule a first interview to prove their technical knowledge and guarantee the client company the best candidate.

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Technical Recruitment