Over 15 years of experience in international technical recruitment

Albelissa is a privileged intermediary between the company and candidates of high technical specialization. Since we come from the world of design, we have the fundamental experience to understand your projects and apply a 360° recruitment process to both customers and candidates, on national and international levels. We also provide business advice for complex and strategic projects of strong growth.

Why Choose Us

We are an engineering and computer science company involved in high-level technical recruitment and we offer companies all over the world a complete recruiting service with the aim of finding talent for the benefit of their projects.

  • Our technical recruiting process pays attention to the optimization of lead time.
  • We are an international company with an extensive network in Europe and Asia. When necessary, we move talent from country to country, from region to region, from city to city.
  • We work to always have a positive social impact on the labour market in terms of gender gaps and corporate diversity.

Our Technical Recruiting Services

Technology Officer

Technical recruiting of profiles with leadership skills with executive skills, project management and a long career in technical, chemical, engineering, IT, mechanical or electronic projects.

Temporary Management

Research and selection service for senior experts in the sector with technical skills and twenty years of experience in the reference market in managerial roles.

Techincal Recruitment

Thanks to our industry expertise we can help you understand which profiles and knowledge can ensure the success of your project.

Would you like to know what profiles we typically seek and the niche profiles that we handle?

Looking for specialists in the recruitment of highly qualified personnel in the IT and engineering sectors? Do you have to do an important project and lack a key person to get started?


Discover how we can help you reach your objectives.

Albelissa Tecnical Recruitment