Quality is Timeliness, Flexibility, Competence

Our strength is the ability to analyze the internal needs of our customers and immediately adaptation to new needs. We anticipate the problems and opportunities that come from the market and the international situation to promptly propose technical and decisive solutions for the changes taking place.

We react positively to new people and situations. Our flexible and adaptable attitude is a resource for our customers and positively influences our choices in responding to the challenges we face.

Our staff and consultants are highly professional and competent technicians and engineers in different fields and technical disciplines, able to support the resolution of complex problems and provide efficient and lasting solutions.

The quality of Albelissa is guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2015 certification, we have developed internal quality processes in all the consulting areas at our Italian headquarters: Engineering, Research and Personnel Selection, Research and Development, BPO.

The quality of our services feeds into the quality of your projects.

Quality: Recruitment and Selection

Our personnel search and selection process is based entirely on an advanced cloud solution, developed in the US and based on Oracle technology. We wanted and chose the best processes for our company and now we are able to offer them to our customers. We only offer excellence and the possibility to hire the best professionals in the market.

Qualità: Engineering

Our engineering consulting services are aimed at creating, supporting and optimizing solutions created specifically for our customers, developed on the basis of ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Every year we review and improve our internal processes to best meet the design and growth needs of our customers.

Qualità: IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows organizations to realize significant savings at an economic level and to free local staff from operational tasks, so they can focus energy and attention on design and management activities. Through our operational headquarters in India and in partnership with local IT companies, we ensure the best IT technicians and specialists available at low cost. Providing quality IT services means developing projects that meet defined deadlines and budgets, with trained staff able to make the best use of SAP and Oracle technologies.

Our quality is guaranteed by a long experience in the management of personnel specialized in Information Technology outsourced from India to Europe, for important multinational companies.

Qualità: BPO

Our board comes from a long experience for one of Fortune’s top 50 companies, related to the management and outsourcing of Business Process Outsorcing (BPO) services ranging from financial services to human resources to payroll and contribution operations.

After defining and establishing the back office operations necessary for our internal activities, based on an important cloud ERP system written to American standards, we moved this group to our headquarters in Romania to offer them to our customers. We offer to you the same quality we have chosen for ourselves.