Oil & Gas and Energy

Many industries have taken advantage of opportunities to create new products and markets, the oil sector has lagged behind. But recently it has made progress incorporating the great potential of new technologies.

Today, therefore, the oil and gas industry is at a crucial point in its development and on the brink of transformation. The rise of new technologies, coupled with the continued global push for lower environmental impact, is altering the industry. Companies across the industry face this growing pressure to streamline their operations in order to improve overall efficiency while reducing fuel extraction, refining, and distribution costs to maximize revenue.

At the same time, the growing focus on renewable energies such as solar, thermal and wind energy has helped to reduce emissions, further increasing the pressure to limit pollution associated with fossil fuels. Renewable energy is a reality and the future will undoubtedly bring further changes in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, both destroying and creating new jobs.

All this means focusing new investments on the right people and the right partners, performing research and development to kick-start the technological revolution in the sector and achieve the highest level of stability it desperately needs.

Albelissa has a history of design in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors so it is ready to act as your strategic partner to help you find the people who will help you implement the strategic changes both operationally and managerially.


Reference profiles

  • Commissioning Engineer
  • Senior Instrument Engineer
  • Machinery Engineer
  • Service Techinician
  • Lead Technician