Executive Technology Officer:
The lead professional role in the company

We specialize in recruiting Executive Officers, technical leaders with managerial skills and strong project management skills with ten-year careers on projects ranging from chemistry, computer engineering, mechanics or electronics. Thanks to their migration training, they are able to interface in complete autonomy with both with the customer and internally with their teams and colleagues with similar skills. Additionally, they understand the needs of the market, translating the requests into visions and projects for the internal team, thus ensuring the success of the project.

In the company hierarchy, the Executive Officer holds managerial roles such as the Vice-President of Engineering, supply chain, CTO, CIO or COO, and oversees strategic programs related to the company’s core product or service, working in concert with the other C-Suite Executives to drive the company into new markets, all of this by coordinating strategic projects with customers and managing internal resources.


VP of R&D

The Head of Research and Development coordinates and supervises the activities of market analysis and design of technological innovations in order to improve the good or service produced.


VP of Engineering

The Head of Engineering engineers the products pioneered by R&D using his technical resource management skills, his operational excellence and his deep understanding of the needs of the customer's technical organization.


Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

The CTO is a top-level strategic manager and member of a company's board of directors, whose main function is to select, evaluate and possibly suggest to the board and CEO the best technologies to apply to the products or services that the company produces.


Chief Information Office (CIO)

The CIO is typically responsible for IT systems and their infrastructure. It manages the entire fleet of business applications and has over time become lead person in the digitization of internal processes and towards customers, working closely with the Chief Marketing Officer with the aim of implementing strategies that include a combination of IT and marketing skills.


What it is like to choose the perfect Executive Technology Officer?

Thanks to our experience in high-level recruitment we can find the experienced managers who not only know how to manage your project excellently, but who have strong technical expertise to understand and supervise every phase of process development.

The Executive Technology Officer is the key person who:

Knows the technologies of the market

The executive technology officer intercepts the main trends of the market and translates them into innovative solutions, products and services that will make your project competitive.

Analyzes and organizes your resources

The technical manager knows how to optimize the resources present in the company and solve gaps and weaknesses by requiring the human resources area the figures necessary for the success of the project.

Brings innovation and growth to your business

He or she researches the best partnerships and develops new internal skills by connecting the internal world with the external market.

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