High Tech & Informatics

The evolution of research and innovations in the technological field that each of us can experience, has had an exponential and overwhelming growth in the last century, inserting itself and laying the foundations for other production sectors. In the world we know today, no field can be said to be totally free from the presence of computer science. Just think that in a few years we have gone from the difficult interaction with large computers, which can be used almost exclusively by specialized personnel, to the gradual reduction of the costs of electronics that has allowed the development of increasingly performing hardware able to carry out very complex calculations, to software that make any type of activity easier, to the super-intuitive and customizable user interfaces that we have in our hands every day.

Working in the world of information technology takes on a more broad meaning than ever for this very reason, being now a fundamental part of almost all existing production sectors.

Here the companies we collaborate with deal with the development of cutting-edge technologies for the most diverse fields: optical sensors, semiconductors and microcontrollers, industrial automation solutions, medical technologies, diagnostic systems, assisted driving vehicles, automotive software, communication infrastructure, security services, digital transformation, robotics and artificial intelligence, and there may never be a point on this list.

In this highly interconnected and constantly evolving industrial sector, in addition to ensuring constant business growth, companies must face competition through a continuous implementation of research and development, using selected technical collaborators and IT professionals.

Albelissa was born with a technological heart and is able to support companies to find high tech staff able to develop the management of their IT systems, so that the customer can allow internal resources to make use of the best tools for the greater efficiency of their work.


Reference profiles

  • Web Developer Frontend React
  • Team Leader Frontend Digital Virtual App
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Data Scientist