A leading engineering and IT company in high-level technical recruitment.


We operate internationally and can relocate talent to and from Europe. With offices in different countries around the world, we ensure coverage in the USA, EU and ASIA with high quality profiles.

Gender Gap

We help companies close the gender gap in engineering and technology by designing projects incorporating women's profiles to benefit the company and promote a positive social impact.

Engineers and Computer Scientists

We began as an engineering and computer science company, and we know our industry well from the inside. That is why we know who are the best technical candidates on the market.


Diversity means hiring people who are different from each other. Differences are national origin, physical appearance, religion, education, age, gender or sexual orientation. Diversity contributes to the success and innovation of competitive products and services.

What we do for you

With over 15 years of experience in the engineering and IT sector, Albelissa Technical Recruitment offers a complete set of tailor-made services that aim to meet in a timely manner the needs of companies in the research and selection of specialized technical personnel.
  • We know the specific dynamics of the world of work in terms of specialization requirements and skills.
  • We are constantly updating our database to provide the best resources on the market.
  • We support the entire process of collaboration between company and candidate, offering them a point of reference in the construction of the professional relationship.

Search & Selection

We provide companies with a simple and accessible web-based platform (ATS), accessible from mobile and PC, which is integrated both to our recruiting database and to the most popular job search channels to guarantee a very rich portfolio database. This allows the maximization of the efficiency of the recruitment process, the optimization of communication and the sharing of documents with the recruiters themselves to obtain constant feedback on the research situation.

Recruitment process
outsourcing (RPO)

In addition to offering the customer a software for the analysis and optimization of personnel search processes with ATS (applicant tracking system), our team is available for professional advice aimed at identifying the critical issues of the process and defining a customized workflow for the automation of the entire recruiting process.


To enhance our technical recruitment we have cultivated solid technical skills in search of high-level profiles. We can find the best specialized technicians already employed on the national and international market who have a consolidated experience in the sought-after role, thus guaranteeing maximum excellence.

On-site Consulting

The customer can request a specialized consultancy directly in his or her company: one of our best recruiters will become the reference figure dedicated to the project that will take care of showing the different high-level proposals of our portfolio and offer their specialist support during the selection phase.


We are able to manage open positions and carry out technical screening of spontaneous candidates within the company recruitment system. Our team constantly checks the hosting of the section dedicated to job opportunities on the customer company's website.

Our Recruiting Process


The candidate may apply for the technical position concerned. Your CV enters our GDPR compliant database, in accordance with data usage regulations.


Our entire team analyzes candidate submitted CVs and matches opportunities with companies in search of such high-level technical profiles.

Temporary Manager

We act as intermediaries and support the two parties, company and technical professional, to find the best agreement for both, intervening where necessary, up to and including during the offer phase.


The company looking for technical talent or a technical executive for which it provides a job description that is reworked by our staff with the aim of outlining together with the customer the profile that most fulfills the requirements of the project.


We search for and select the best candidates from the Albelissa database thanks to our technical knowledge in the engineering and IT sector.

360° Recruitment

We work with the company and the candidate to arrive at an agreement and close the recruiting project as soon as possible.


The company needs to launch an entire technological and/or industrial project and is looking for a managerial figure who can manage it together with its internal team.

Temporary Manager

Senior expert in the sector, he/she has technical skills with a long experience in the reference market in managerial and managerial roles (CFO, Plant Manager, ...) and is looking for an innovative project.

Recruiting & Project manager

We look for the best candidate and support the two parties, company and senior professional, to find the best situation for both.

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