Consumer goods

Household appliances, food products, beverages, packaged products, clothing, cars and electronic devices. Companies operating in the consumer goods sector produce everything that is which is intended for personal use and entertainment and bought by individuals and households, rather than by manufacturers and industries. There is no doubt that this sector has the greatest impact on the lives of each of us on a daily basis.

The high level of competition in this sector in recent decades, with the entry into the markets of the Eastern giants and with the inevitable push for the introduction of new technologies, as well as with the significant change in consumer habits, influences companies to constantly change to juggle the myriad potential future trends, trying to select and leverage their strengths, in order to secure a space within the market and secure an advantage in terms of profit.

The key issue is consumers who, in addition to being increasingly active, are also more informed and aware: they expect companies to embrace issues such as social responsibility and to guarantee the sustainability of their products through a continuous improvement of production processes.

In building its own leadership position, it is now necessary for a company to be ready to face the challenge of the so-called “Industry 4.0”. This is a real opportunity for those who will seize it. In this context, in fact, the most important strengths are knowledge and specialization. The choice to invest in the world of technological innovation, automation of production processes and robotics, brings with it the openness of companies in search of increasingly trained personnel and even more to the creation of numerous new professional roles.

For the search for the most suitable technical profiles for companies in this sector, Albelissa is able to select the best professionals on the market, through a portfolio of resources that extends in the areas of: research and development, prototyping, product and component design, design and management of production processes, up to the analysis of the product life cycle and related costs.

We offer research and personnel selection services suitable for companies of all sizes. We are flexible in meeting the customer’s needs in terms of levels and variety of skills required, offering a set of profiles ranging from junior candidates to top managers.


Reference profiles

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Software Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Ramp & Extraction Algorithmic Engineer
  • Designer
  • Technical
  • Project manager
  • Production managers
  • Project managers
  • Foreman