Put a high-level Manager with migration skills in charge of your projects

Whether for an important change requested by the customer, missed deadlines, a loss-making balance sheet, sub-optimal organization of resources or key resources leaving your company, if these are some of your concerns, thanks to a Temporary Manager with high-level managerial, operational and leadership skills, you can find that key person who can manage your company’s interests and efficiently reverse negative trends.

The Temporary Manager that Albelissa proposes to you can meet your urgent time requests and is able to manage and close urgent situations including:

Financial Analysis of Complex Financial Statements

Introduce new analyses based on modern cost accounting procedures to identify problem business areas and interpret the situation and then support the introduction of the changes necessary for turn-around.

Business Reorganization

Evaluate human resources and can, following a necessary reorganization, design an organizational matrix that reflects the new needs of the company to cope with changes imposed by the market.

Increase in Sales

Review the company's product portfolio and resources that support sales and redesign the sales force as well as manage relationships with key customers and partners.

Digitizing your Business

Analyze business IT tools and infrastructure to promote the digitization of internal processes and for customers and suppliers, improve the operational experience using business tools and increase the company's brand management as well as reduce operational cycles.

Managing Supplier Fleets

Build and implement a new purchasing office strategy to better manage existing suppliers and negotiating the introduction of new and more competitive ones.

A unique approach: Albelissa's methodology

The approach used by Albelissa is the most effective and efficient response to achieve a higher level of competitiveness on a permanent level.

Our basic method is the project.
Projects must be identified, screened for an economic or strategic return, then implemented in stages. Simple methods are preferred because experience has shown that they produce results more quickly and with fewer risks than the more traditional alternatives.

Our excellence comes from design skills

The project management methodology is based on an approach based on collaboration between the parties identified for the project: the customer, the temporary manager and one of our specialists with management experience and practical knowledge of consulting design, who take responsibility for supporting the customer in the transformation project.

Our specialist quickly acquires an understanding of the situation and examines with the customer the most appropriate options to improve it. From the moment the project framework is defined, the search for the most suitable temporary manager for the project is born.

Quick response and certain costs

The search for the temporary manager is entrusted to our recruiting team the search for the profile with the essential credentials in our database both locally and internationally. When the profile is identified, it is presented and interviewed with the customer. When the project team is final, the new temporary manager is placed in the company and followed by our expert in order to initiate the specific steps comprising the project.

Lasting results

Our manager follows the project in all its phases by participating in the progress of the project, evaluating the progress and difficulties encountered and supporting directly when necessary.

Why use Temporary Management?

The temporary manager is a new role but still respected within the industry. He or she was starts with strong product or service skills and demonstrated them in a career that makes him or her a specialist in the series of skills needed to cope with a urgent change. The temporary manager is an accelerator of change and business growth.

Examples for inserting a Temporary Manager include:

  • Business growth in need of a new management structure
  • Internationalization and expansion of the business
  • Create a strong corporate management culture
  • Management of a financial restructuring and negotiation with banks
  • Outsourcing or sourcing assets
  • Start-up of production or research and development facilities
  • Development of new products, services or business lines
  • Support for acquisitions and divestment
  • Generational transition and creation of managerial culture
  • Management of technical projects and production
  • Decline in operating margin or EBITDA
  • Management of stalled growth
  • Management crises

Combining situations such as the above with the lack of senior managerial staff, triggers a slowdown in the execution of necessary change that then results in a quick loss of profit.

To stop and reverse this negative trend, it is therefore necessary to obtain the temporary support of external managers with a suitable experience and a different vision than that of those who are perhaps too close to the company situation. Bringing on board the right temporary manager can be the only solution that allows you to initiate the change necessary to survive a challenge and return to growth.

Our managers are part of the Federmanager community, with which we are partners, and together with our specialists, applying our methodology, analyze every situation and propose a design approach to stabilize the situation, bringing the company back to growth in a sustained and profitable way.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the intervention of our temporary managers can be configured as an duration of a few months or longer. The ultimate aim of each of our project is to make the company autonomous in the management of its processes, maintaining over time the results obtained through the change implemented together.

Why choose Albelissa to find your Temporary Manager?

We are experts in recruiting and talent selection at the national and international levels. We have 15 years of experience and know how to manage the tasks and resources assigned to your project, providing tools and support calibrated to the identified needs. We can also support you with training on how to manage the project and supporting you in the execution phases of same, even in cases where important technical complexities occur.

We have experience in strategy and access to the Federmanager database, with which we have a partnership. Being experts in research and selection we know how to evaluate managers both from the point of aspect of leadership skills and from the point of aspect of hard skills.

When choosing Albelissa, you choose a team and not just a temporary manager. We create the conditions for the success of the project by giving you a methodology, calibrated support for the management of the same and the main actor of the change, chosen on the basis of the project and your specific business needs.

We work with business function executives every day and are involved at all levels on strategic and restructuring projects. We know and understand how all the company functions operate, we have worked for the Top Fortune 100 and we are able to offer a 360-degree service, bringing on board the manager and the team best suited to meet the needs of your company.

The activity of the Temporary Manager is mainly to take care of the execution of a project or a strategy, calibrating his intervention to the company reality. But not only that. In fact, he is a figure with extensive knowledge and foresight, able to assist and guide the company in identifying resources aimed at opening a new business, as well as improving its performance, or management skills. These are professionals in the sector who have direct experience of similar cases, where they have experienced difficulties on the front line, thus developing specific skills at different managerial levels in addition to the basic executive skills to achieve the objectives defined upstream of the project.

Your company needs to increase profits, change its business, or implement a new technology that you are not very familiar with. The company that can intervene in providing you with a Temporary Management service is, first of all, able to recruit the most suitable figure to your needs, given the many years of experience, and nevertheless knows how to intervene with a concrete support in the development of the company project, making available tools, resources and transferring know-how, so as to outline the right path in order to obtain the desired results.

In addition to providing a person who has the right requirements, for everything that is necessary in any field the customer wants to expand, Albelissa can support specialized technical staff and tools to support the performance of business activities, outsourcing of projects or processes, initiatives to reduce costs as well as offer consultancy in the engineering and IT field, strong in familiarity with the world of recruitment and knowledge in all the main production sectors. Choosing Albelissa means being assisted continuously.

We are operational internationally with a network of offices and collaborators in Europe and Asia. This ensures our customers 360 degree support also for expansion and internationalization projects. Albelissa is able to help you find key figures even when the goal is to develop business in other countries, guaranteeing excellent professional figures with skills proven by previous collaborations.

For over 15 years we have been working as engineers and IT professionals within project groups in the Hi-tech, Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Industrial Plants and Machinery, Consumer Goods, Oil&Gas and Civil Engineering sectors. Having developed high-impact projects, we know firsthand the technical needs and the people who ensure their success, and we know how to build the teams needed to develop new products.

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